Like every other financial asset, cryptocurrencies can be very volatile. To enable you to trade at the click of a button, OB (One Button) Trader built an AI trading bot that adjusts to incoming information. The Horizon V5 limits losses during a bear market and makes market-beating trades when a cryptocurrency is trading sideways.

What makes Horizon unique?

It is trained to adapt its trades to sudden changes in the price of a currency. It can also trade between candlesticks, instead of every four hours like other Ai bots. Finally, Horizon V5 buys or sells the cryptocurrency at a specified price, using limit orders…

Dear OB community,

As we are moving closer to the release of the $OB token, we want to express gratitude to those who have supported us since the OB inception — our customers. That’s why we want to reward them with a portion of the OB token soon released!

All existing customers with the active OB Trader subscription will receive rewards in tokens after the token launch.

The customers will receive different rewards depending on how long is the subscription active and how many times renewed.

  • 1 month — 250 tokens
  • 2 months — 550 tokens
  • 3 months — 1250…

Analysis of how Clipper AI dominates crypto markets during bull runs.

Clipper bot is driven by the AI model that typically shows great performance during bull runs.

In this case study, we will review the trade history of Clipper and how it helped one of our investors to accumulate more profit during the bull cycle.

Trading Bot Case Study: Clipper VS ETH:BUSD

Become an OB ambassador, make contributions, and earn rewards

We at One Button Trading create an ambassador program for those who want to actively participate in the OB journey.

Become an OB ambassador, join us on our mission, and earn rewards for your contributions.

Why join us?

  • Participate in the development of an innovative tech product in AI and crypto space
  • Become the advocate of making AI trading tools available for everyone
  • Create the greatest user experience on the digital apps in fintech space
  • Become a part of a closed community of innovators, AI geeks, and crypto enthusiasts
  • Get early access to the newly released AI trading tools

Who are we looking for?

  • Content creators (Article, video)

Extract from the One Button Trader’s whitepaper describing value proposition, how it works, and product UI


It is easy to lose capital when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Given the volatility of cryptocurrency markets, poorly timed acquisition by a beginner investor can lead to catastrophic losses.

Even the existing automated trading solutions (bots) do not save investors from losses. Although aimed to provide better returns than the markets, most such platforms perform poorly during rapid price drops and are generally not efficient even under normal market conditions.

One of the certified trading bots costs -72.69% of portfolio to an investor

Also, considering its often complex and unintuitive user interfaces, trading bot platforms suffer a vast churn rate and generally don’t have a positive reputation in the crypto community.

Extract from the One Button Trader’s whitepaper describing AI, ML, and Neural Networks behind the platform

AI Foundations

Refresher on Neural Networks

Neural networks (currently) are a form of narrow AI, which means that it’s able to learn as specific tasks designed by a human. In theory, any system of non-linear (differentiable) functions could be a neural network, although generally, they adjust scalars, vectors, and tensors as parameters, in order to fulfill the task.

The upsides of neural networks is that they achieve high performance on a variety of tasks, with minimal expert knowledge required. It does have the downside of being hard to interpret by humans because of the complex non-linear relations that are computed. …

  1. Go to Coinbase Pro and register your account
  2. Sign-in to your Coinbase Pro account
  3. Select the Menu in the top-right corner of the Coinbase Pro dashboard on the website. Managing API keys is not currently supported on the Coinbase Pro mobile app

  1. Go to Bitvavo and register your account
  2. Sign-in to your Bitvavo account
  3. Click on your name at the top right and choose “API

1. Go to Bitpanda Pro and register your account

2. Sign-in to your Bitpanda Pro account

3. In the top navigation menu, click on your User Icon and navigate to the API option

Hi OB Traders, 👋

We decided to start sharing periodic product updates to keep you posted about the recent OB Trader developments and upcoming plans.

What’s new this month?

OB Trader is now at version 3.2.1. We added a few major features within the last month:

Binance.US exchange

Our US-based users can integrate their Binance.US accounts to create OB Trader bots.

Dashboard redesign

We enhanced the dashboard with the new type of Balance In Use chart that shows asset distribution between the active bots.

All the bots are now displayed on the right side, making it more convenient to manage both active and archived…

One Button Agent

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